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Sustainable Products


We are constantly looking for new & alternative ways to supply products to the Arts sector. We are challenging the old ways and seeking new products to replace them, without degrading the final requirements or finish.

The page is new and will be upgraded as we get more products online.

Please do let us know of new & suitable sustainable products to be stocked  on the store.

Not all our products can be sustainable from a eco-friendly source - but we stock products that are recyclable and reusable over multiple applications, getting us away from a 'one-use' product.

The Green Book


–  Bioglitter™ DECO products are metallic effect glitters, indistinguishable in appearance from metallic effect plastic glitters.




This super high quality Non Reflective Gaffer tape is a matt gaffer that comes with 100% cotton cloth content (120 mesh) and 100% natural rubber adhesive, with zero release coating.
This makes the product one of our most environmentally conscious gaffer tape to date.

Most inks used are plant based and ethically sourced.

100% natural cotton cloth
100% natural rubber adhesive
Plant based dyes
FSC approved packaging
No harmful chemicals used in making this product
Available in 18 colours and in multiple widths & lengths
Reduces your carbon footprint

This product adheres to any clean, dry surface and removes residue free. It’s ‘write on’ absorbent surface is ideal for the TV, film and entertainment business


The Paper-Tak™ tapes are a paper based alternative to traditional PVC tape. The tape is made from 70% recycled materials and included a full recyclable cardboard core as well as widely recyclable outer packaging. Pens and other markers can be used directly on the surface of the tape which makes it ideal for cable labeling, colour coding and temporary events.


Premium Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

The Pro Gaff is a matte cloth tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive system (SRA).  making it easy to match any carpet, flooring, or equipment. . Easy to tear by hand and writeable with pens and markers. Pro Gaff contains ZERO polyvinyl chloride (PVC), making it a great alternative to similar PVC coated cloths or vinyl film tapes.

MagTape® Ultra Matt Gaffer Tape

A gaffer tape that’s been designed and manufactured with great attention towards minimising its impact on the environment.

  • Energy efficient manufacturing process

  • Low VOC content

  • 100% toluene free

  • Reduced chemical release agents

  • Natural rubber based adhesive

  • Recyclable packaging


is a single layered film extruded using 70% bio-based polymer content. Combined with our Monolite™ polymer we can supply a thinner film whilst maintaining the required strength. Polyair™ is certified PAS2050 - CO² neutral by the Carbon Trust.

  • Bio-based polymer content

  • 100% Carbon neutral

  •  Less poly raw material

  •  Full recyclable (Code LDPE 4)


Cable  Wraps & Ties 

Hook & Loop:

Reusable Hook and Loop Tidy Strap Cable Ties are quick and easy to use. They are powerful, long-lasting, self-gripping and adjustable.

Our 200mm cable ties will not damage the item they are applied around.

As a result, these are Ideal for application use ranging from network insulation to bundling cables around the home, stage, event and tv studio.

Releasable/Reusable Cable Ties:

Releasable nylon cable ties are ideal for non- permanent fixing applications or where installation modifications are likely. Used in numerous industries such as Electrical, HVAC & Events.
Our releasable cable ties are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards using high quality, virgin nylon 6/6, guaranteeing maximum reliability.
Releasable cable ties are a strong fastener for a multitude of applications where easy removal is required. Ideal for uses where environmental concerns prevent the use of single use plastic.

Eco friendly and time saving.

 Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA batteries help solve a battery power problem using the following features:

  • Retains 85% of its capacity after spending 1 year in storage

  • Constant voltage from full charge to depletion

  • High capacity for a rechargeable AA of 2500mAh makes it last longer between charges

  • Shipped pre-charged, ready to use

  • They can be recharged and drained up to 500 times

  • Designed for use in medium & high drain devices

MOVE OVER SHARPIE! edding is in town.

The markers in edding's EcoLine Marker Pen range are made from 90% recycled or renewable materials.

In the case of the permanent, whiteboard and flipchart markers, 83% of that is from post consumer plastics such as yoghurt pots.

All the packaging is 100% cardboard; they're also climate-neutral and are ISO 50001 certified.

What's more, for every EcoLine marker sold, edding contributes 5p towards planting trees in the UK and Africa. 


NEW Paint products coming online March 2024

Lick Tools  Put the eco in decorating.

Created with decorating professionals, LickTools meet the highest environmental standards and have been built to last.

So every brush, roller, tray and everything in between is as good for your decorating project as they are for the planet. 


Graphenstone UK is one of the most certified sustainable paints company in the world and we are seeking to change the way you paint.

Graphenstone offer ‘harm-free’ paints and primers, certified by the pre-eminent evaluators of products in the world, such as Cradle to Cradle Institute (we hold gold, silver and bronze certifications), Green Tag (Health Rate Platinum) and Eurofins Air Comfort (Gold).
Here are some of the unique characteristics;


  • Natural paints with trace VOCs only (under 0.1%)

  • Chemical and preservative free

  • No plastics, petro-chemicals, preservatives

  • No Micro-beads

  • Air Purifying lime ranges – removing CO2* and other toxins, such as NOx and SOx

  • Fully breathable

  • Hardwearing – thanks to Graphenstone technology

  • 96 luxurious flat matt colours – with a full range of over 1000 shades. We colour match too!

  • Excellent coverage

  • Nursery & Toy Safe – never tested on animals. Never using any ingredients from or linked to animals, of any kind.”

* The majority in the first 30 days of curing.

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