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Reusable Cable Ties:

  Cable ties are often fixed in place within an installation and then discarded. Technically this is a single use plastic.

Certain applications such as live events, festivals or theatre productions remove the cable ties after the event, and with releasable cable ties, the cable ties can be used again and again.

PP Recycling: Polypropylene can easily be recycled. Local councils may accept Polypropylene in their plastics recylcing collections or waste recycling point. Please check local councils documentation on recycling.


  • Standard Releasable / Finger latch style
  • 7.6mm Width cable ties. 250,300,350mm lengths
  • 8.5mm Width cable ties 500mm length,
  • Sizes (Length in mm)  available:  250, 300,370,500
  • Sold in packs of 100
  • Colour : BLACK
  • Bulk packs available - please email for pricing.


Cable Ties - Releasable Reusable Black

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