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All the Triple E UniJacks can simply be bolted to your scenery but the big advantage of fitting a UJA4501 Stud Set to your UniJacks is that one set of UniJacks can be used on many pieces of scenery.

The scenery will need to be fitted with a UJA4601 receiving keyplate.

The steel studs are stepped from 19mm x 6mm to 12mm x 4mm to a further 10mm x 5mm allowing them to be conveniently located into the UJA4601 keyplate. The face of the stud is also drilled and countersunk to accept an M8 countersunk cap bolt. A simple safety catch is also supplied and fastened to the top corner of the UniJack backplate. Once in a down position the catch will lock the UniJack to the UJA4601 keyplate.

Stud Set for UniJack KeyPlate

SKU: UJA4501
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