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MagTape® Ultra Matt Gaffer Tape

A gaffer tape that’s been designed and manufactured with great attention towards minimising its impact on the environment.

  • Energy efficient manufacturing process

  • Low VOC content

  • 100% toluene free

  • Reduced chemical release agents

  • Natural rubber based adhesive

  • Recyclable packaging


Environmentally Focused
Produced using an energy efficient manufacturing process.

LeMark have  produced a high performance, professional matt gaffer tape which is 100% toluene free, has low VOC content and reduced chemical release agents. Completed with a natural rubber based, residue resistant adhesive, it’s a huge leap forward in the pursuit of producing an environmentally friendly gaffer tape.

Anti-Reflection, Professional Matt Finish
A flat-matt, non-reflection surface, makes it the ideal ‘camera tape’ for use in professional TV, film & theatre.

5 Fluorescent Colours
Available in fluorescent yellow, green, orange, blue and pink. Glows under artificial UV/black light.

Recommended for short term use as exposure to UV, especially sunlight may cause colour fading.

Please note, as the fluorescent tone is difficult to capture on video/photo, colour may vary slightly to what’s shown.


MagTape® Ultra Matt Gaffer Tape - Fluorescent

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