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Key features

  • Professional matt gaffer tape
  • No residue for up to 120 days
  • 1.9% reflection ratio
  • Superior matt finish 
  • Pro-grade 80 mesh cloth
  • Colour options: black, white, silver, red, blue, green, yellow
  • Widely recycled cardboard core
  • Widely recycled packaging
  • Cardboard core made using 85% recycled materials 
  • Brand: MagTape® Matt 500 by Le Mark


Professional matt gaffer tape with a low-residue adhesive

Our Pro-Grade Matt Gaffer Tape (also known as MagTape Matt 500) was born for the TV & Film industry. Offering a minimal 1.9% reflection ratio and a low-residue adhesive, it's a camera operator's dream gaffer tape. Made using a durable 80 mesh cloth, it's durable, can be torn by hand and comes in a variety colours and sizes.


No residue for up to 120 days.

This gaffer tape performed brilliantly in our residue test. It peeled cleanly from surfaces including Steel, Wood, Glazed Tile, Carpet, Plastic and Vinyl, even after 120 days. It was one of the best we've ever tested. While we can't guarantee it being completely residue/damage free in every situation, the performance we experienced was exceptional. It's clear why so many TV & Film professionals choose the MagTape® Professional brand.

It's a true 'camera' gaffer tape.

Pro-Grade Matt Gaffer Tape boasts a matt finish with a mininal 1.9% reflection ratio. Furthermore, it's easy to tear in both directions and comes with a low-residue adhesive - it's a true professional's camera tape. It's perfect for on-the-spot applications, from securing cables & camera accessories to marking up sound desks and truss. The MagTape® brand is one of the most famous names in film, TV and entertainment industry.

Tear on-the-spot, in both directions

A high cloth content allows this gaffer tape to be easily torn, by hand, across both the length and width of the tape. Ideal for on-the-spot applications.

MagTape® Matt Pro Grade Gaffer Tape Lemark

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