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Martin JEM Low-Fog Fluid (previously Heavy Fog, B2) is the industry standard water-based low-fog formula specially designed for use in the JEM Glaciator. This benchmark fluid is the automatic choice of most users and is the most specified low-fog fluid on the market. JEM Low-Fog formula produces a dense pure-white ground-hugging effect which will disperse and evaporate before any visible rising; which is ideal for dramatic scenes involving moving stage activity such as dance. JEM Low-Fog combines an average density and hang time for the average application.

Key Features of Martin JEM Low-Fog Fluid (Heavy Fog, B2) 5L

  • Water-based fluid formula
  • Produced with ultra-pure, de-ionized water
  • High-density, low-lying, ultra-white fog
  • Available in various size containers
  • For use in the JEM Glaciator

Martin JEM Low-Fog Fluid (Heavy Fog, B2) 5L

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