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For the budding student at technical college.

A great budget line Technical back with full PPE to start your career as a Lighting, AV or Sound Technician.


Find included:

  • Tech Back Pack
  • Hard-hat
  • Hi Viz Tabard
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Eyewear
  • Starter Ear Plug kit
  • Rechargeable Head Torch
  • Gaffer Lanyard
  • 8m Steel Tape measure
  • Tester Neon Tape Test
  • Tester Roll of PVC Tape
  • 2 Way Podger 17/19mm
  • Wing Nut / Hex Nut Spanner
  • Wrist Tool Lanyard
  • Waist Tool Lanyard
  • Chalk Holder
  • Sharpie Set


THis is a starter kit to plug and play - and work today.!

we also sell an upgraded pro kit featuring the Dirty Rigger kit bag.


Also options for foor managers and stage carpenter .

Please semail for further details

Budgetline Student Technical Backpack

Excluding Sales Tax