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This is a licensed Bioglitter® product. It's Sparkling!  It's revolutionary!

We are Licensed Bioglitter® sellers and offer an extensive range Biodegradable Glitter.

All of our glitters are available in sustainable packaging


It's made from plant cellulose, mainly from sustainably sourced Eucalyptus trees.


It's eco-friendly and once washed off, it will biodegrade within 90 days after meeting soil, compost and waste-water where micro-organisms are present.


New for 2023!

The world's only 100% certified fresh water biodegradable metallic or holographic glitter!


Cover your scenic and set elements in this amazing metallic/ holographic styled Biodegradable hexagon glitter.


Our Bioglitter® Deco is being sold as 015 chunky (old standard glitter size); 040 Super Chunky varieties of glitter.

(008 Standard ),is coming to us soon..


This chunky hexagon glitter comes in a handy sized 100g resealable bag, or larger 1kg Bags.


We have our supplies on the way - but please contact us for further details and test / sample cards 

Deco Bioglitter®  - Biodegradable - Metallic ECO Glitter

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