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Anti Slip Tapes are designed to make slippery surfaces safer for foot traffic.

Anti Slip Tapes can be used indoors or outdoors and are constructed of high resin bonded oxide grit on a heavy duty flexible backing.


Anti Slip Tapes Applications

  • Ideal For Entrances, Stairs, Steps & Ramps
  • For use on Concrete, Metal, Wood & Tiled surfaces
  • For use Indoors or Outside
  • It can be cut easily with scissors or a blade.
  • Available in BLACK or YELLOW/BLACK
  • Roll Widths 25mm, 50mm, 100mm.


Anti Slip tapes are durable and easy to apply with self-adhesive , that makes any surface non-slip.

Suitable for use indoors or outside, this tape has a pressure sensitive permanent adhesive coating and resin bonded oxide grit applied to a durable and long lasting flexible backing.


Anti-Slip tape is very durable and is ideal for demanding applications.


It is an ideal solution to avoid slips or trips on stairs, steps, ladders, play areas, boat decks, factory floors, Ramps.

It has a very strong adhesive which means it will adhere to almost any surface.


This product will withstand cleaning products, water, and chemicals.

Some areas will need to have a primer applied first, to encourage the bond of the adhesive and to make sure that it remains in situ.


Anti-slip tape is available in roll form,  and in a whole range of colours , including Black, Black/yellow hazard warning and Glow in the dark and hazard glow in the dark colour including luminous glow in the dark as well.



Anti Slip Tape

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