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AT6103 Multi-surface Removable Polythene Tape

this replaces the older Advance AT27 range of tapes.


Environmentally responsible choice

AT6103* is an easy tear, clean peel, UV resistant, clear polythene tape with a dispersion acrylic adhesive that has been introduced into our range of specialist polythene tapes for professional trades.

The clear tape is conformable giving a good degree of clarity for applications where it is necessary to see the surface underneath and where good light transmission is required.

The low tack adhesive is also non corrosive and therefore will not stain or corrode the surface it is applied to.

* We would always recommend that users should satisfy themselves that the product is suitable for a particular application prior to use.

Natural stone surfaces will vary greatly and extra care should be taken for this application.


  • Joining temporary dance floors
  • Natural stone surface protection
  • Powder coated surface protection
  • Aluminium surface protection
  • Anodised aluminium surface protection
  • Protection of delicate surfaces during construction and renovation
  • Bundling of metal pieces

Advance AT6103 -Dance Floor Tape - MATT PVC Tape

Excluding Sales Tax
Product Type Polythene
Adhesive Type Dispersion acrylic
Thickness 0.11 mm
Breaking Load 25 N/cm
Elongation 300 %
Adhesion to Steel 1.3 N/cm
Service Temperature -40°C to +60°C
RoHS Compliant Yes