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Our extra-durable sugarcane 9" paint tray is made for those bigger projects where load up speed is a priority.

What's more, you can reuse over and over again and it'll stay just as strong – no need to throw away after each colour.

It's really made to last. 


  • Made with sugarcane pulp

  • Biodegradable

  • Durable

  • Developed with professionals


Pack Includes:

  • Boxed Width: 300mm
  • Boxed Height: 410mm
  • Boxed Depth: 70mm
  • Boxed Weight: 148g
  • Product Weight: 142g

Lick Tools - 9" Biodegradable Pulp Paint Tray

Excluding Sales Tax

Made with sugarcane

Our paint trays are made from sugarcane pulp, which means they are biodegradable, reusable, compostable. Oh and did we mention they are certified carbon neutral, with a verified supply chain. 


Developed with professionals

Developed with professional decorators, these tools get the job done to an exceptional standard every time. 

Durable & reusable

Add paint, use and dry, add more paint, use and dry, add more paint. And it'll stay just as strong after every use until you finally dispose of it, knowing the tray will decompose in no time at all.