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This Cast Iron Truck Lock enables you to retrofit a brake to any mobile trolley or equipment. It is the heaviest and most robust in the range of truck locks.

Designed to be fitted to the underside of the equipment, it is essential that the TLCH should be mounted with the top face exactly 200mm above the ground to ensure correct operation and performance.


The foot operated lever engages the anti slip rubber pad to the floor.

Retracted height is 164mm and operating height is 208mm.

Team up with any 160mm diameter castor to ensure the operating height clears the wheels from the ground.


You can either choose to fit 2 or 4 truck locks to your mobile equipment depending upon your application.

If choosing 2 then fit at each end.

If choosing 4 attach near to each corner castor, allowing enough space to prevent fouling and enable operator access.

Cast Iron Truck Lock

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